Available for everyone

We provide tax services for everyone! If you are only looking for a tax preparer and not a financial advisor/planner, no worries, we can do just that for you. If you are not a current client and would like to learn more about our services, you can visit our main website or schedule a free consultation here.

Already a client: Advisory client process

1st - Inform us by January 31st that you will be enrolling in tax prep.
Advisory clients receive a subsidy based on being an advisor client. To receive the subsidy you must enroll before Jan 31st even thought you can still have your tax prep done by us while paying the tax prep only price.
2nd - Upload all your supporting documents into your TaxDome Account (our new Tax preparation and planning tool) or deliver them to our office by March 15th.
3rd - Your documents are uploaded to GruntWorx so they can be optically character recognized (OCR) then fed into our advanced tax planning software, Drake.
4th - Your draft return is prepared.
5th - Your accountant through email, portal chat, phone call, or webex will review your draft return.
6th - Your return will usually be completed within 2 weeks, if all required documents are turned in.
7th - We will e-file your return(s) and upload your tax documents to your Vault promptly once you approve your draft.

Not an rF client but want to use us for tax prep: Tax prep only client process

1st - Enroll online anytime to let us know that you will be utilizing this benefit. After enrolling, you will receive a confirmation email. Tax only clients don't receive a subsidy. If you're interested in becoming an advisory client click here.
2nd - You will receive an invoice by the end of January/few days into February.
3rd - We will create a login account for TaxDome portal and then send you an invitation to your portal to login and upload your documents.
4th - Once you finish uploading all information, contact us via the portal, email, or call us to let us know so we can begin working on your taxes.

How much does it cost?

The amount that it will cost depends on several variables, including how extensive your tax needs are, how much in assets you have with us and your level of service. We have set up an easy way to see the cost and to sign up for the service. Please click on the Estimate or Enroll button to see your estimate or sign up.

Using the latest technology

We love using technology to make our clients' lives better. Many CPA firms are using archaic or event manual means of tax preparation. This leads to frustrating customer service and long preparation turn-around. We use the best technology and processes possible to reduce our clients' frustration and labor, while trying to complete every return in less than a week.

Our commitment to clients

Our commitment to our clients is to prepare returns as accurately and quickly as possible with the least hassle to you. We try to get your return done and filed within a week of you submitting your information to us so that you can get your refund and/or reduce any anxiety there might be about potential tax liability.


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