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How does tax prep work with rebel Financial?

  • You must be a current client!

    We only provide tax services to our advisory clients. If you are only looking for a tax preparer and not a financial advisor/planner, then this service is not for you. However, you are more than welcome to become a client and then utilize this service by visiting our main website.

  • How much does it cost?

    This service is only available to our clients. The amount that it will cost depends on several variables, including how extensive your tax needs are, how much in assets you have with us and your level of service. We have set up an easy way to see the cost and to sign up for the service. Please click on the enroll button to sign up.

  • Using the latest technology

    We love using technology to make our clients’ lives better. Many CPA firms are using archaic or even manual means of tax preparation. This leads to frustrating customer service and long preparation turn-around. We use the best technology and processes possible to reduce our clients’ frustration and labor, while trying to complete every return in less than a week.

  • Our process:

    1st – Inform us by January 31st that you will be utilizing this benefit.
    2nd – Upload your documents into the Vault or deliver them to our office by March 15th.
    3rd – Your return will usually be completed within 1 week.
    4th – We will e-file your return(s) and upload your tax documents to your Vault promptly once you approve your draft.

  • Our CPA Partners:

    HBK – Brett Triplett
    226 North Fifth Street, Suite 500
    Columbus, Ohio 43215
    Office: (614) 228-4000

    Harper & Co. – Paul Brousil
    1396 King Avenue
    Columbus, Ohio 43212
    Direct (614) 456-7222

  • Our commitment to clients

    Our commitment to our clients is to prepare returns as accurately and quickly as possible with the least hassle to you. We try to get your return done and filed within a week of you submitting your information to us so that you can get your refund and/or reduce any anxiety there might be about potential tax liability.

Our partners in making your tax experience awesome!



Clients who utilize our tax prep service also receive extra protection. Should you be audited or need tax Fraud assistance, we utilize a service that would help you and it is included in our tax prep service for each client at not additional charge. For more information, click below.

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We are always taking on new clients! Whether you are just starting out or well into retirement, we have a plan and financial advisor for you. Feel free to visit our main website to learn more, or call us at (614) 441-9605.

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